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Sharing My Tib Bar Hack

Tib Bars are hard to come by and are a very specific piece of equipment that can only be used for one thing (training your shins and ankles). The Kettlebell, on the other hand, is extremely versatile and with a bit of creativity can be used for almost everything! 

Here is how to use a Kettlebell for a single leg Tib Bar 

  1. Grab a Kettlebell (of appropriate weight), bench, and a hand towel.

  2. Fold the towel in half and roll it around the handle of the Kettlebell tightly.

  3. Slide your foot through the handle of the Kettlebell with the top of your foot against the handle and your heel on the bell.

  4. Sitting on a bench with your quadriceps fully engaged, so that the leg is straight and the ankle is hanging off the bench, perform 25 reps of pointing and dorsiflexing the foot. 

  5. Do 3-4 sets each leg

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