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Parallel Lines

How do I know what weight of kettlebell to use? 

Great question. Choose a weight that you can press between 12 - 15 reps.

Beginner woman: 8-10 kgs.

Beginner man: 12-16 kg kettlebell, Intermediate woman: 12-16kg. Intermediate man: 16-22kg .

Advanced woman: 16-20kg.

Advanced man: 20-24kg.

Elite athlete: 24-32kg+.

Where are the best places to buy a kettlebell? 

I like Kettlebell Kings. Click here to check out their website

How do I know when I need to go up in weight? 

Generally, you want the weight to be challenging, but you don’t want the weight to break form. So, if you are progressing through the program with ease, you may consider increasing your weight by 2-4 kg. If you have heavier bells available, you can incorporate them during the strength portion.

I only have 1 kettlebell; can I still do this program? 

Yes! This program is designed for single kettlebell use. 

I don’t have good balance or joint stability - can I still do this program? 

Yes, you can! This program contains a Pilates based movement progression in every workout, which will help strengthen your core and increase flexibility. I would suggest starting with a lighter bell and focusing in on technique. The Calibrate program would be an excellent starting point if you wish to improve your Kettlebell skills and joint health.

Can I substitute dumbbells for kettlebells in this program? 

I would not recommend it because the program encompasses Kettlebell specific techniques such as swinging and catching the kettlebell.

I don’t see my question here. How can I contact you?

Email us at and we answer as soon as we can!

Is this program for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels?

The app has programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

I noticed that Kettlebells come in many sizes, but you only use competition bells. Why?

Any Kettlebell will work for this program. I prefer to use Competition style bells where the dimensions of the bell remain the same no matter the weight because this makes learning techniques easier. This is because the size of the bell and handle are the same no matter the weight, making progressing techniques and lifting heavier weight easier to transition into.

 What type of results should I expect?

Lean muscle gain and fat loss is going to be dependent on the individual. If you follow our meal plan and complete all the workouts, along with getting adequate sleep, you will achieve realistic and lasting results.

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